Best SMS Prices

BroadNet is leading provider of SMS Services and mobile solutions, we provide high quality routes to most operators across the globe, with our Robust SMS platform and our direct connections to more than 150 operators and carriers you can make sure your SMS is always delivered at competitive prices.

We are specialized in mission critical traffic, A2P and high volumes clients (wholesale).

With more than 10 years of experience and outstanding customer service we provide our clients worldwide with quality, reliability and guaranteed delivery.

HLR Services:

As low as 0.0018 euro per HLR, available with http API, SMPP or directly from web portal.


Some of our competitive prices through
Operator/Country Cost (Euro)
Austria 0.0104
Bulgaria 0.0064
Chile 0.0039
Colombia 0.0045
Cyprus 0.0039
Czech Vodafone0.0109
Egypt MobilNil 0.0016
France 0.0118
Germany 0.0109
Hong Kong 0.0084
Hungary 0.0048
Italy 0.0088
Japan 0.0084
Mauritius Emtel0.0017
Mexico 0.0039
Morocco 0.0074
Peru 0.0074
Poland 0.0054
Russia 0.0031
Saudi Arabia 0.0044
Singapore 0.0039
South Africa 0.0055
Spain 0.0114
Sweden 0.0084
Switzerland Swisscom 0.0124
Thailand DTAC 0.0014
United Arab Emirates0.0039
United Kingdom 0.0089
Some of our competitive prices through
Operator/Country Cost (Euro)
Australia 0.031
Bahrain Batelco 0.0074
Bahrain STC Viva 0.0084
Bahrain Zain 0.0094
Benin Spacetel 0.0157
Cameroon 0.0169
China Mobile 0.023
China Telecom 0.023
China Unicom 0.023
Egypt MobilNil 0.0134
Estonia EMT 0.0335
Estonia Tele2 0.0094
India 0.0022
Jordan 0.0089
KSA Mobily 0.0104
KSA STC 0.0114
KSA Zain 0.0104
Lebanon All 0.018
Malaysia 0.0154
Oman Nawras 0.0087
Philippines 0.0084
Poland Era 0.0149
Poland Orange 0.0149
Poland P4 0.0149
Poland Polkomtel 0.0149
Portugal Optimus 0.0104
Portugal TMN 0.0104
Portugal Vodafone 0.0104
Singapore All 0.019
UAE All 0.015
United Kingdom 0.0235



1- Competitive Prices
2- 100% Delivery
3- Direct Connections to operators
4- International routes to lot of destinations at 0.002 euro per SMS
5- SMPP and HTTP accounts directly
6- 200 SMS/s speed by default


1- White label reseller solution.
2- Easy to use online system that supports 1million SMS sending in on click
3- Our SMS gateway is Easy to integrate with any software, application or database.
4- Online users activity, delivery reports and tracking tools.
5- Advanced alerting system for credits, SMS Usage and reports.
6- Advanced SMS campaign scheduling
7- Advanced message customization from web portal
8- 24/7 Support


We are interested in expanding our business towards different enterprises. hope we can find mutual business relation benefits.

Kindly note that SMS Prices may vary depending on your volume and market demands.

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