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BroadNet is an innovative end-to-end provider of interactive digital marketing services: email marketing, and now mobile SMS marketing campaigns.


We believe that mobile marketing as a new medium can reach existing and prospective customers in a targeted, anticipated, and relevant way. Whether the objective is customer acquisition, customer retention, brand/sales promotion or a product launch, BroadNet offers creative, technical and global experience to help you meet your marketing objectives.


Even if you're not keen to do high-volume promotional campaigns, you can still use SMS services as a powerful tool to better communicate with employees and customers.


There are also efforts to use SMS services to generate completely new revenue streams.  SMS service is a damn sight cheaper than sending out reminder letters and making phone calls to follow up with customers

There are SMS broadcasting options to suit any company's budget and needs, so the real challenge is figuring out where you want to go with the technology.


According to Forrester Research SMS marketing is one of the most responsive marketing communication mediums, with 5 times better response rates than direct-mail marketing.


Customers using BroadNet SMS services for Lebanon can benefit from our categorized database. Our SMS database is categorized by Age, Location, Gender, Class (A,A+,B,...), working field,... for other countries we can provide GSM Numbers with no categories.


Sending SMS to your clients never been easier.


BroadNet SMS Services

Mobile Technology Tactics

The incorporation of a mobile marketing strategy into offline and online advertising and marketing campaigns has now become standard for many companies. Some tactics for leveraging mobile technology are:

  • Direct Response Campaigns
  • Product Launch Announcements
  • Reward Campaigns
  • Competitions



Examples of the types of messages for which our SMS gateway is currently used include:


  • Jobs- alerting job-seekers to new openings which match their search criteria.
  • Retail- informing customers of special offers or promotions
  • Banking alerts: update of bank balance and portfolio performance
  • Travel- alerting travelers of changes to flight schedules or delays
  • Auctions: alerting bidders of a higher bidder
  • Portals: alerting members of hot events


SMS Cost


Cost will vary depending on the Number of SMS required.


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To get a SMS quote please  call us at +961-1-300917 / +961-3-025632. 



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What are the advantages of using SMS Services?


SMS is much more likely to be read by a person at any one time, since the majority of people have their mobile phones at arms reach 24 hours a day


SMS message is automatically stored where it can be re-read. This proves particularly useful in the case of fairly detailed information that might otherwise be forgotten


SMS is far cheaper than a phone call yet in most instances you will convey just as much information as you would have if you had called.


Once the SMS is in place, there's no limit to what you can do.

Recruitment agencies are using it to contact prospective workers when a job becomes available.

Radio stations are using it to let listeners make song requests.

One pharmaceutical company, using SMS technology, sent twice-weekly updates and product quizzes to 500 field salespeople and reported unprecedented interest.




Sending SMS messages to your potential customers' mobile phones is one of the more successful ways of informing them of an event, promotion or special offer. Unlike any other method of advertising the message can reach them within a few minutes and you know that it has reached every person on your target group.



Send SMS to anywhere in few seconds.



SMS Reseller Program:


Our solution helps you enter into the exciting international SMS business by providing a turn-key, web solution with everything you need to run a successful telecommunications business.


BroadNet offers internet-based bulk & targeted SMS messaging services, which allows people to send messages directly to mobile phones all over the world using any internet connection!


How to become a BroadNet  SMS Reseller?


STEP 1. Accept Reseller Terms & Conditions and fill out the Resellers Application form attached which entitles you to become an official BroadNet SMS authorized reseller.


STEP 2. Buy BroadNet SMS messages at our reseller listed price.


STEP 3. Sell BroadNet SMS messages to your customers at your own price


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