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BroadNet provides complete, cost-effective permission Lebanon email marketing solutions. By combining our dedicated account management and expert client services with innovative core technology, we help our clients improve response rates, build customer relationships, grow revenue and significantly improve ROI.

Lebanon Email Marketing

The Long-Term Marketing Solution

Lebanon Direct email marketing campaigns are intended to generate new clients, keep existing clients, and increase the level and quality of customer service your company offers. By continually prospecting and testing new markets, your client base can grow. Tracking customers who have bought from you in the past and continually contacting them with a new message or offer on a regular basis can increase customer loyalty and generate repeat business. Lebanon Newsletters are also an effective means of continually updating your existing client base with new products or services your company has to offer. BroadNet has the expertise and experience to be your long-term Lebanon email marketing solution provider.

Lebanon Email Marketing


Cost will vary depending on the level of service required. Number of mailings (monthly newsletter versus one-time campaign), the degree of targeting of the mailing list itself, creative development requirements, and so forth, all factor into determining overall costs.


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Please be prepared to provide the following information for a quote:


  • List size (minimum list size is 20,000 names, recommended is 80,000 names)

  • Text, HTML or both for the creative.

  • Monthly newsletter or one-time campaign


For all of its myriad legalities, email marketing is still an extremely effective marketing technique and few businesses have totally cast aside the idea of benefiting from its use. Email marketing saves businesses thousands of dollars on advertisement and business communication costs every year. Businesses get the opportunity to reach many customers that they may not otherwise reach, and accepting customers are grateful for the knowledge and offers that email marketing advertisements provide them with.

Email marketing is a method of sending special promotion notices, press releases, coupons, business announcements and the like via email. Using email marketing services allows the business owner to save thousands of dollars on printing and advertising and it looks like this marketing technique is here to stay.

Email campaigns are not necessarily for everyone, but they do work quite well—as long as the business owner sticks to certain guidelines. In addition, an email marketing campaign is not for lightweights, it requires quite a bit of diligence—email addresses have to be legally collected and utilized. Every measure must be taken to ensure that the email marketing campaign does not infringe upon the rights of others—the whole idea is to establish more customers, not drive them away.

Why are targeted email campaigns valuable to your company?


  • Delivers a message to an already receptive audience, a market that has expressed an interest in your products or services.

  • Can deliver your message quickly and efficiently. Takes days, not weeks, to coordinate, execute and track the results of an email campaign.

  • A much lower cost solution than a traditional direct marketing campaign.

  • Easy to track, test and evaluate email campaigns. Makes it easier to test market different creative, offers, and lists.

  • Excellent response rates. Email campaigns tend to generate higher response and conversion rates than traditional direct marketing strategies.


Lebanon Email Marketing is a quick and effective way to communicate with customers, introduce your company to prospects and support your other marketing initiatives


Lebanon email Marketing Providing email solutions since 2003.


Lebanon Email Marketing



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Lebanon Email marketing is one of the most accepted ways to advertise on the Internet today. Many small business owners and corporations in Lebanon take advantage of the myriad benefits derived from email marketing campaigns. An effective and innovative way to advertise, email marketing continues to grow in popularity each year. There are some tricks to the trade however and business owners can’t just start emailing random email addresses to advertise their products, goods, or services. Essentially, all business owners need to beware of the dangers of spamming; it is against the law to push spam through to random email addresses. Many Lebanon business owners hire professional companies that specialize in email marketing services and monitoring. In doing so, they protect themselves from unintentional infringements of the law.



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Email marketing can help a Lebanon business owner keep current customers, get new customers and improve their profit margin. The practice, however, takes a great deal of patience, and the results are not always necessarily seen overnight. Several months of diligent effort is required if an email marketing campaign is to prove successful. This is why so many businesses rather hire professional services to handle all of their email marketing endeavours; in doing so, the business is freed from the hassles that may crop up from conducting an email marketing campaign and the business is allowed to freely work on other aspects of business operations.


Email marketing allows businesses to give consumers special treatment by offering them unique deals and promotions when they remain loyal customers to the business in question. Printable coupons, newsletters, contests and prizes are all ways to attract new customers and to keep established customers returning to a business in Lebanon time and time again.