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  • Network Cabling & Design

From conception to installation we're with you all the way. We can assess your infrastructure and provide the right cabling products and installation services to maximize the performance of your network and ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

From office to office or through an entire building BroadNet Network Services install everything from the cable itself to connectors and patch panels. You can be confident that the service will be of the highest quality.


  •  Network Security

BroadNet protects corporations against hacker attacks. We are the only service that prevents network intrusions at the perimeter, firewall and host levels; monitors client networks 24x7; and provides ongoing vulnerability assessments. BroadNet delivers solid Internet security with no hassles, no headcount, and no capital outlay.



SMS Services

BroadNet enables companies to communicate real-time with their customers anytime, anywhere by broadcasting information directly to the customer's mobile phone or Email Inbox. We provide you with latest technology to send your Ads and messages to customers anytime and anywhere in the world.



Whatever your computer requirements there is always one common factor - you need to be sure that your IT Solution Provider is able to provide the right solution at a competitive price coupled with excellent support and after sales service.


Computer security is always an issue  but it's not just the workstation computer that needs to be protected  network security is equally important.

BroadNet provides the complete range of services for your LAN, MAN or WAN. We can take care of all your networking through our network cabling service or can offer individual services and products depending on your particular needs. Our range of services covers everything you need for your cabled network - from design to installation and support, BroadNet will ensure that your network works!


Whatever level support and back-up you require, we're confident that we can deliver a package that suits your individual needs and budget.


Our Emails Database contains more than 250,000 verified emails for Lebanon and more than 1,000,000 emails for all Arab countries, Updated daily thru our dedicated servers in US & UK, Categorized in many ways to help you find your real target.


Our SMS Database is categorized by Name, Location and many more fields which can help you identify your real customers and our coverage includes more than 450 GSM operators in about 180 countries.




 Web Hosting & Design








We build w custom

We Believe websites should be clean and easy to use.

We beleive in the user experience.

We don't use unnecessary words or graphics

We work with you to help make you successful on the internet.


As low as $8.33/month



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